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What Is Mina Ashido Quirk - What Is Mina Ashido Quirk, That acid can dissolve a villains equipment weapons and armor or break down the ropes or chains that are restraining hostages. This Quirk alters Minas skin pigment resulting in it having a purple-pink coloration but in spite.

Shoes are not damaged by acid. His specialty is Acid which is pretty awesome but definitely raises a lot of questions. Aside from her Quirk handling of all the female Class 1-As and most of the students overall in the class, Mina has the best reflexes.

Not all heroes fight villains, there are others as supporting heroes. including Acid Mina is a pink Alien Queen from class 1-A. This is an impressive and somewhat scary quirk.

But also how a normally lethal force is used for good. Teens with super powers like that can enter UA. Mina is a UA student who is here to become a professional hero. Mina Ashido is a student in UA Class 1-A and her Quirk is called Acid. His quirk or power allows him to expel acid from his body.

Today we will answer well what is a Mina quirk and how does a Mina quirk work?

Mina produces her acid through her own body which causes slight weakness when she uses it too much. Minas' quirk is the one that produces corrosive acidic fluids from his body. Mina can melt debris to save people.

True to its name, Acid allows Mina to produce strong and corrosive acid from her hands and feet. Mina Ashido's peculiarity is that Mina is said to have difficulty in dealing with human enemies because she does not yet have complete mastery over the dangerous corrosive nature of her Quirk so she is more comfortable fighting inorganic enemies.

Fortunately, the heroes of my heroacedmia always fight together so that every hero has a weakness that is covered by his friends.

and we are still waiting for this anime, we are waiting for the next episode, hopefully season 6 of my heroacademia will appear soon, friends so that we can all see the excitement of this anime, especially Mina Ashido

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