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My Hero Academia Season 5 Is The End of The Episode, When Does Season 6 Start Airing?  -  In the last episode of an anime my hero Academia, we are still waiting for the continuation of this anime.Of course the Otaku are currently waiting for the continuation of the story of my hero Academia season 6. Surely it becomes a lot of questions Whether season 6 will be re-released or will season 5 in the 25th episode be the closing of this anime series Of course friends become questions big ?

In episode 25 we see where this episode shows Lego Villains and the liberation army Meta merge into one and they form a new name that is the paranormal liberation army.

Of course this will be even more exciting storyline and we know in the last episode we see that I began to have a lot of strength there are 9 forces that he will have.

It's like using a rope with green power and it's so cool that this power is like an octopus's hand.

After the incident where the paranormal liberation army declared itself, the alliance of heroes also set a strategy to overcome it is basically exciting especially if until the deku has full power that can be controlled by him.

You can watch this on official understanding sites like iqiyi, viuw etc. 

It seems that until here we discussed this time into a warm conversation where maybe fans of my hero Academia have started to miss this anime series to immediately resurface episodes that are very exciting thanks

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