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The Character Of The Best Teacher In Anime - The message conveyed by the role of the soul teacher often remains firmly in our hearts. This is not without reason. Because the information they convey is most often related to life problems that we face in the real world. Putting family first the importance of maintaining friendships and the determination to never give up.

The Character Of The Best Teacher In Anime

 Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)

Actually the first part of the best anime master series already represents Naruto. But as an exemplary teacher who wants to sacrifice his life for his students Kakashi Hatake is equal to the three big members. Susuke's team of Sakura and Naruto finished as the sixth hokage. Kakashi's life is full of twists and turns as exciting as a roller coaster with his three favorite students but he enjoys the end of his journey.

The Character Of The Best Teacher In Anime

The way of casting the Fire Elements of Kunoha Rasangan created the inspirational techniques and hours of life he gave them. His contribution to the village of Konoha and the stability of the Shinobi world is also invaluable. So it's only natural that he is included in the ranking of the best anime teacher characters.

Dr. Franken Stein (Soul Eater)

Sometimes it's not nice to have teachers who are somewhat proficient in their field. It's hard for most people to understand especially if he has a funny personality. dr. Fran Frankenstein is one of them. This animator character is well aware that he was born to devote himself to science. Even if he does something ridiculous.

His greatest hobby is closely related to surgical procedures. dr. Stan loves slaughtering all kinds of animals to find the inside of this poor creature. It was no secret that he was very interested in the separation of the human body. The stitches on his face were proof that he had experimented with himself. Calm down he will only show the light of his true sorrow when dealing with his enemy who threatens his students.

Korosensei (Assassination Classroom)

If you were a teacher and students in your class behaved inappropriately with you what would you do? In Kurosensei's case the students he was interested in were not only rude they even tried to kill him! This former human who now looks like an alien is in fact described as one of the greatest threats to mankind. Therefore the government requires Class 3 E students to complete it.

Was Korosensei angry with such treatment? Welcome. The teacher's dynamic role is to be patient and lead the child to discipline. Whether you throw sharp weapons or just bullet attacks you increase your daily knowledge. Their fake smiles were reciprocated with a wide and sincere smile from this yellow creature. Caring people who suffer death.

 Kumatetsu (Bakemono no Ko)

Good teachers are not limited by race, gender, race or ethnicity. Kumetsi can be an example. He left the monster room and was lucky enough to run into Ren A. Kyuta's disciple. A 19-year-old boy who lost his mother changed his destiny when he gave his life to the animal kingdom. At first Kuma refused to teach martial arts. But Quat's stubbornness finally broke his heart. Kumamesu also proved that a teacher can learn from his students. At first the foolish man began to reveal his long-hidden betrayal. Kumamesun Kyuta is mentioned as two masters of amateur activity.

Master Roshi (Dragon Ball Series)

At first glance he looks like an old Nazi who carries everywhere. Maybe he's old and doesn't know his name. But make no mistake that Master Rossi is one of the most powerful men on the planet. Remember that it was he who taught his son Goku specifically the martial arts that made him what he is today. I don't know what kind of pride you will feel if you are the strongest human teacher in the universe.

Before Goku he was a teacher to thousands or hundreds of students. He is more than 300 years old. All warriors must first melt their hearts if they want to get a name as their disciple. As a good teacher, Roshi's grandfather also invited the students to sit with him. Especially if the student is a beautiful girl like Balma. He must be excited to wake up in the morning.

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