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Himawari and Fans Shock The Huge Impact Of Kurama's Death That Occurs Apart From Naruto - hello hi back again on the blog this time we will discuss himawari and Kurama's death there was a big impact from Kurama's death that occurred besides Naruto, Kurama's death really saddened many people for example for a lot of boruto fans especially the fans who have followed the story from the original series even though Kurama doesn't always
appear in the story

Himawari and Fans Shock The Huge Impact Of Kurama's Death That Occurs Apart From Naruto

But this 9 tailed beast has a significant role he is the one who gives the village power in Naruto's head and helps realize his dream as Hokage Kurama's history is also very long
Kurama used to hate humans like the other tailed beasts

Because they are often used by humans, Kurama is hunted a lot to become weapons of mass destruction, this is also what Kurama felt when he was locked up with Naruto's body but as time went on Kurama understood who Naruto was and would eventually become
become concerned about Naruto

Kurama had to sacrifice himself to activate baryon mod-1 the fight against otsutsuki this had to be done because Isshiki was above Naruto and Sasuke's level of ability,
So there is no other way but to activate the baryon mode

and in the end managed to reduce his life ration before then kawaki appeared and destroyed everything

Behind all the sadness of the fans there is a big question, many of which are certainly still unknown. The question is whether a Biju can die. Actually, there is still no
a clear explanation of this is that there are those who say that the biju are immortal beings while there are also those who say that they can die

Bijuu is one of the main elements that are very important in the Naruto anime series, once the Bijuu itself is a fragment of the Juubi which has created a giant creature with a very large amount of chakra.

According to one theory that develops a Biju can indeed die, it's just the way of death, it can't be as we usually see, for example because of disease or because
killed his Jinchuriki.

The death of a Biju must completely drain the life energy in him as did Kurama who activates baryon mode as described in the story the bijuu themselves were born from the hands of a Hagoromo ootsutsuki where he used the technique of making suzhou and then presenting lumps of Chakra

Which is taken from the Juubi Chakra and broken down into 9 then using the pivot technique in which the tailed beasts are given the soul or life energy in their body, the life energy which then becomes the life fuel for the tailed beasts.

As long as the energy is still there they will stay alive for that long then in the case of Naruto's bayon mode Can kill me make Kurama really die permanently
barrier mod is similar to the concept of nuclear dizziness in short nuclear physics nuclear function or thermonuclear reaction

It is a combination of two atomic nuclei which then form a new atom and also a subatomic particle in the context of Naruto in essence the two powers of Naruto and Kurama unite into a formidable force when the Naruto and Kurama Chakras unite, a New Chakra is formed,

Will produce different strengths in this mode Naruto Chakra Maybe it is united with Kurama Chakra but the amount of pure energy from Kurama is much greater Because the life energy or fuel has been used up, he can no longer

Using that energy, Kurama finally had to lose his life and seeing the difference in the case with Isobu seemed lacking. Indeed, it will never be able to rise again because Kurama himself said that baryon is a technique that uses all of Kurama's strength.

This means that Naruto's Chakra is not used in the baryon, Isobu himself can rise because he has a reason, namely life is still in his Jinchuriki body and the only thing that dies is Rin as a Jinchuriki who allows issues to rise again, which is different from me, which is crowded.

Kurama's life has been turned into fuel for baryon mode and the roots run out after Naruto uses it which in the end Kurama will die and cannot be used for living or non-living things.
The reincarnation and death of the turtle is indeed very controversial, especially in the Shinobi world because of course Kurama's death will have a huge impact on Naruto

Naruto will no longer have great power, including there will be no more parental figures for Naruto, but do you know that apart from having a big impact on Naruto, it turns out that there is also a big impact on others. And this is the big impact of Kurama's death that occurred besides Naruto

Himawari morihiko was friendly at first we all thought that Kurama in the future will be inherited by Naruto if not and maybe Himawari willan make him a Jinchuriki
next because seeing great potential

Naruto's death in the future, but after the release of yesterday's episode, hope that Himawari will inherit Kurama Bocil, this one is indeed very active since childhood, has been able to awaken his Byakugan eyes, not just awakening but now who are proficient in using his potential to become more extraordinary. .

in the future it is very big, especially supported by his parents, is a great shinobi, Himawari's love for animals is very large, as is the case with a Shukaku Biju.
guwo Shukaku Bijuu who is considered very arrogant and arrogant only gets Himawari

both of them broke their hearts like brother and sister as well as friendly I had never been shown Kurama and Himawari met but after the incident Himawari gave a crushing attack on Naruto Kurama was a little afraid of Himawari

because naruto was made unconscious by him but with an easy friendly attitude with the Himawari bijuu it will be very easy to relate to them and also as the last descendant of the Uzumaki clan he deserves to be a Jinchuriki

Become the next Jinchuriki for people but after Kurama died in this episode then Himawari Takan was crowned as Jinchuriki Kurama again but keep in mind that Himawari might
become a Jinchuriki from Shukaku seeing the closeness of Shukaku and Himawari or if not being able to become a Jinchuriki Himawari and Sukaku can be the best partners in battle

The world of the tailed beasts balance is disturbed the tailed beasts have now entered a period of
free after undergoing such a bad era and always used to fight by the early shinobi Juubi was split by Hagoromo into 9 parts so that the strength also became stable and

avoiding the bankit of the Juubi again they all have different properties and strengths Kurama becomes the Bijuu figure which is arguably the strongest of the bijuu. or rather the leader of all but how

their surprise after yesterday's serious episode 255 they had to witness the death of a brother figure that was created by Hagoromo together now Kurama must disappear leaving his brothers alone maybe this moment is very sad for the bijuu because

has lost a member who may be very influential but besides that there is such a big impact on the balance of the ore with Kurama's death that there will be
the vacancy of this position will certainly lead to the disintegration of the bijuu who will not be able to unite the bijuu into one or a jubi

but this has an advantage because the enemy Kingdom or the criminals who plan to return to resurrect Kaguya or Juubi that plan cannot be realized because the nine Bijuu are incomplete to unite the three will rise Jogan
now the strongest enemy has lost now the Konoha shinobi

Being able to breathe a sigh of relief after successfully defeating the second enemy is quite heavy, namely Borowski, the rise of Momoshiki in Boruto's body is very, very unexpected, the cause is towards the Chakra that has run out, indeed the process of extracting the Karr Momoshiki seal in Boruto's body
has reached 80% which means that boruto has become an outsuki He makes music that can be easily played

Taking over boruto's body and now the main problem that is still unresolved for them is how to replace the momoshiki in boruto's body we also know usually
after an event or event that lasts forever, there will be a new sheet of happiness that allows it to happen or has lost a very valuable person

a much better replacement for that figure will appear, as an example that happened in the Naruto era was the death of Asuma from team 10, the death of Asuma big again being witnessed directly by
the students were all massacred by in a one-on-one fight which after Asuma's death so that Asuma's replacement figure and that was Shikamaru Shikamaru noticed his greatness so

stands out from the Master who at that time could avenge Asuma's death later like Itachi's death, Itachi's fight against Sasuke became one of the biggest battles
between members of the Uchiha Clan Itachi had planned the battle with

It's very good we know from the start Itachi has long suffered from a very severe disease with the aim of protecting Sasuke Itachi is really a disease that until the time comes he gives himself up to
finished off by his brother with the death of Itachi Sasuke got a new power, namely Eternal Mangekyo Shar