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Here are 10 Anime With Overpowered Main Characters Since the Beginning Of The Episode - Hi, most anime series have a concept from zero to hero by showing the development of the main character, initially only an ordinary person became the strongest character, below 10 anime will admin share this time it has been overpowered since the beginning of the episode
It's rarely known by other people, here we have summarized the 10 anime, I'm curious

Here are 10 Anime With Overpowered Main Characters Since the Beginning Of The Episode

Here's a list of 10 anime with overpowered main characters

1. Essence Pride This anime tells of a Fantasy World where nobles who have special powers known as mana are responsible for protecting humanity
in this job belly and jelly are one of the nobles who are practicing at school unfortunately amelida is not able to use her power

to find talent Actually I FarmVille was assigned to be his trainer but he also got a secret task that is to kill him if found he really has no
any talent or strength after training

2.Seiken No blacksmith
One day there was a war where the power of the devil
also got involved after the war after the demonic powers were banned and the world returned to peace Cecil Campbell is a knight who is looking for a blacksmith to repair an old sword
inherited by his father One day he saw a man fighting robbers
who used demonic power and it turned out to be a blacksmith
named you since that meeting Their Adventure began

3. Kenzou No Mago This anime tells the story of a private employee who was struck by a tragic accident when he came home late at night from his office he died always fighting over rice to a world
Fantasy and carrying a new identity named Shin walford Sin was raised by a famous Magi named Marlin Walford who also taught him various magic when Shinkina was 15 years old.

Marlin realized that his non-biological grandson had a tremendous power that even surpassed him in an instant Sin transformed into a magician with extraordinary powers.

4. Darker than Black
this anime tells about the life of a contractor, a human being who makes a contract to get the power of his own story about a contractor named Hey and his cat wants to because the contract he made Hei finally has
high-voltage power

but instead after he used the power he also had to eat super much he himself worked under a secret organization syndicate that gave him the power because
he often commits crimes, the iPhone eventually becomes a fugitive from the police and is known as BK

5. Kyoko swiri at the age of eleven Iwanaga Kotoko was kidnapped by youkai for two weeks and asked to become a god of wisdom mediator between the spirit world and the human world.
he agreed quickly but he had to sacrifice his right eye and left leg Six years later when a yo-kai had problems they always went to Kotoko for a consultation.
Meanwhile there is a student named Sakuraga Kuro who recently broke up with his girlfriend after seeing the opportunity to be able to approach Kuroko, the shop took an approach.
but he felt something strange from Kuro

6. Sinjo Yusa this anime tells about Dewi Leste who has the task of saving a super difficult world named Jibran da and he also summons a hero from another world to help him the hero named Regency Yes he has a very high status as a hero even according to restart -My bucket is a talent that appears once out of 100 million humans but unfortunately I have a super excessive level of vigilance to begin with he even bought a set of combat equipment that he wore as a
backup and as a backup of

its reserves ask to store a large amount of items I also continue to train his muscles until he reaches the maximum level to fight slimes Weak ones are normal to move their full strength

7. if noshi Haisa this anime tells about the adventures of two brothers named Victor and also left to hunt down the human time-eating monster Victo who has a dark past
about the human time-consuming creature appears with his brother named left to kill the monster and stop people's requests to ask to turn back the time that has been
passed and it turned out that victo was his father left because his time was consumed by the monster

so that victo's body looks like he is still young and also thinks that he is his left younger brother, which in fact he is his left father, how confused, okay, rather than confused please
Just watch the anime

8. Magical simbad no bouken some time ago there has been a mysterious structure in the form of a basement that people call Danjen and dan fetus that has appeared in variousi parts of the world no one knows for sure What caused this all to happen and how and how it came about Thousands of People have been sent down to explore

and the genie but none of them succeeded in conquering him on the other side in Pia's party there was a young boy named simbad He was a strong boy who was kind and had a high desire for adventure he tried to get into Danjen and conquered him this series is a story of simbad's past before later known as the ruler of the 7 Oceans

9. Zero Kara hajimeru mahou no show this anime tells about the agreement between Zero and mercenary Zero is a magician who doesn't care about the state of the Temporary World
RI machine is a half-animal human who wants to become a fully human wizard is a person who uses magic in his life but in this era no one knows about the arts and magic Zero begins his journey

together with mercenaries to find The Book of Zero an open sewing in which stored the power that can destroy the world

10. Kemono Jihan This anime tells of the situation in a village located in remote mountains in the village suddenly a mysterious incident occurred. For this strange incident, they called a supernatural detective because they felt this incident was unnatural, aka odd, Inugami, a detective from Tokyo on duty in the case of the occult get a call to investigate it temporarily

he befriends a strange boy who works every day instead of going to school the boy is shunned by his friends and gets the nickname dorota Bowo like Okay
Living in the mud, it is known that supernatural powers are hiding in the boy then he helps Inugami uncover the truth in the murder case

Hi, there were 10 anime with overpowered main characters from the start. That was only part of it
from some of the anime that we have summarized you can Mention the other best anime that you think is recommended for other friends in the comments column