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Extraordinary Facts The Great Threat Of The Fifth Shinobi World War Manga Boruto Capter 56 - Hi Okay, I'm back again this time and then discussing the extraordinary facts of being proud of boruto chapter 56 which has the potential to cause the 5th Shinobi world war, Hi surprising the release of the manga boruto chapter 56 made us all surprised by what has been shown by Masashi Kishimoto Sensei

Extraordinary Facts The Great Threat Of The Fifth Shinobi World War Manga Boruto Capter 56

The code or being a big enemy will also threaten the safety of the world, indeed every release that Mango Boruto must be given extraordinary facts makes Amazed and also curious, we start at manga Boruto Chapter 51 Naruto will sacrifice himself

easily last with Kurama then in manga boruto chapter 53 boruto
Treat the form of outsuki and in yesterday's manga boruto chapter 55 we
all made sad because Kurama had to die and currently in the manga boruto chapter 56 we are also shown a code that will attack and destroy the Shinobi world in the chapter

this is also naruto held a meeting with the kage about a new enemy that is much stronger
most likely all kage in all countries will return to forming alliances to defeat the code And this is an extraordinary fact of manga boruto chapter 56 one threat of the 5th Shinobi world war after a long time finally Naruto again held a meeting of 5 Kage when fighting against Isshiki only one foot

other countries don't help because they don't know the information and in this manga boruto chapter 56 again, they will negotiate with the five kage because they know if there is an enemy much more
strong again that will threaten the safety of the world Naruto asks for a 5 Kage meeting which is most likely Naruto to form all alliances defeating the code because of the code

itself has enormous power. Coupled with a Juubi with him because we know the post-limiter on the code Of course it will also continue to persist in the code that
the possibility that at any time the code will release its greatest power equal to the jiken not knowing Naruto

and Sasuke alone with the power of Kurama and Rinnegan is still very weak. To stop it, especially now that they don't have special powers anymore, of course it will be very dangerous already
it is certain that the attack code will not be alone he will create a cyborg with superpowers to help him that's why he is looking for this cyborg

cause a big war If he is dealt with as soon as possible considering how dangerous they are and Naruto and Sasuke are now two boruto stars in Konoha after risking their lives
to defeat Isshiki boruto and the others Finally able to return to the village safely Even though there are some parts of the body that are injured boruto becomes a star in Konoha
After that incident he was included in all the TV shows in Konoha and was considered

as a data hero defeating Ishiqi for Boruto's services that did not make a Konoha Village product in a safe condition once again Boruto saved Konoha Village and reduced
The damage caused by this was known to Konoha because at the time of the incident there were many products who saw Boruto's action and were interviewed as well.

boruto was asked about the soap his father used when fighting Ishiqi, Kawaki's hand broke back to normal and Sumire's love for Kawaki's hand boruto was originally caused by a delta with a deadly laser and was replaced with Naruto's motorcycle hand

which is only active with the Naruto Chakra only, there is a kawaki bonded car using Katasuke's triple science equipment, according to Anwar, the content contained in the tool is very similar to the material he used on Kawaki and not long after that Semeru came with the intention

want to give medicine time with an injection at the same time the source also asks about boruto to kawaki kawaki listens directly answers or likes boruto
Kawaki's words made his face red and embarrassed which caused the syringe he was holding to fall. The river hopes to keep this conversation going on kawaki 4 seals

Boruto's Karma can be moved after being interviewed by the Boruto MC version and contemplating on the Hokage statue then not long after that worrying to come and talk to Kawaki has a mature plan to save Boruto from Momoshiki's Karma seal because currently Scroll is on

boruto is already over 80% Which seems to be cleaning up again that interaction boruto kawaki said it looks like our bodies have gone through about 80% it turns out to be going through an outsutsuki transformation and structured for me boruto you are in a very difficult situation where the outsutsuki data continues to be suppressed
from karma that is or is not completely finished then you will be more momosiki
will come back always you say come back one idea comes to my mind it's something that can be done

properly Let's round up the preparations to get out of yourself and plant Tengker Ma on someone else kawaki blaming boruto for the serial audience therefore on the code it's the wrong thing
it's not as easy as we think because we will face to face with a special person for gen5 code is not a place we all suspect that only boruto and our friends have

Kama seal turns out to have been manga boruto chapter 55 yesterday was released, we know if I have one toothe Karma seal but slightly different looks white and the handle accepts JYJ's soul Even so
Single because it can make him a sorry if I managed to eat fruit
from the Jeju tree by very difficult at all with what is filled ordered

in the code first and me because Kunti code can only fight with a very terrible power 6 the power of the code is much stronger than gene After a long secret, finally the power of the code is shown in the manga boruto chapter 56 this is known when the code activates the white Karma seal that his hand is able to turn into claws like Wolverine and also with soap

often seen on his head, he can use it to attack enemies quickly and without being noticed. Hi, I made a lot of bookings made from modifications by amado, not to mention the code itself.
rawon and code strength estimated by ama double is more powerful don't but

to reveal the code with jigen amado pack all limiters or limiters so that the strength of the code does not exceed the gene and belt belts that have been made by amado with the same strength
very big, just thrown away on orders, don't code yourself, don't throw it away because he is so loyal to the cold Because basically Korea really respects the ottsutsuki who

considered as the only God if the limiter in the code is only amado who can eliminate it 7 new ones that are as strong as jigen after leaving the dimension also have a code tooth intending to go to boro's secret religious place, of course the code has a goal, which is to become me

I may have been ordered not to throw it away and destroy it But it turns out that the belts are not wasteful to destroy but only even though it is also known by the codes to be busy knowing everything about a world called Eda Seraya diverts some guards

easily enter the room meet someone named Bang someone religious toothless well easy winter hat code with him walk into the room a lot of capsules are there also the code to find a Cyborg is offered
different has a fictitious shape and the cyborg is named Edo in English and somewhat in English

Indonesia which is most likely the code will be for all Kims with bokful power conference members than if N8 boruto practice room cycle after knowing the plan to do
that is and transfer it to his karma on the code boruto feels a little doubtful about the current power he has boruto knows if now it's finally ghamdi Kurama again of course this will

very different from the past how Naruto can block and defeat enemies classmate God boruto said if super password code later but the time has come and kawaki what will they do as a shinobi and boruto says If practice walk
the only thing maybe besides being with kawaki boruto will also be some help

great strobe to master all Karma we know it is Sasuke and Naruto Hi, what do you think about this If there is something missing or there is input for satisfaction Next please comment