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Classroom Anime : Getting to Know About the White Room

this time is interested in discussing the white rom project is in the classroom of the elite story, the origin and creation of the white room experiment or experiment from the white room is what makes the ayanokouji kiyotaka a person who strong genius and resilient Toya who is close to the word perfect yes for a humans or in the anime itself, he hasn't told about white yet This ROM and this I took the source of the novel

Anime Classroom Of The Elite : Getting to Know About the White Room

and let's just talk about this white ROM, first what is white room now it's a kind of prison like a prison room with walls because it's white clean, wear white clothes because white is the main thing in
The main room he uses is also stuck in the white of the table far from the bed 
try white, that's why it's called a white room, now the purpose of the white room is told

Know About the White Room

This ROM of Delight is for artificial intelligence of various This experiment conducted by Tokyo Vespermann was carried out to perfecting the education system in order to maximize knowledge talent
the ability of skills and maximum potential to be achieved by children 

or to maximize the potential of the children who take part in this experiment again Yes, the point is that this experiment from the white room was made to find a way more efficient education to enhance the potential of all students in That's the school, Writer Min was founded 20 years ago, which was founded and

led by his father Well here the nickname for his father syaiyou is called Professor ayanokoji I haven't been told the first name, but the father is Aeroji so that the fruit tastes better That's Call ayanokouji using his first name Yogi otaka and for his father water I have to call Professor ayanokouji so I don't get it wrong because of ayanokoji

that's the name of their family surname. Well, that's the best facility in itself  still kept secret from the public its whereabouts are only a few people It's important that those who know the Welder Mini project are the ambitions of Professor Ayanokoji is to make children smarter for the future from Japan huh

to the point that his own son is also made into a crunchy project when white has been out of service for a year due to a kiyotaka power issueit used that opportunity for a way to find a way out of the white room yes with the help of the waiter who takes care of the biological brain assisted by

matsu Nah kiyotaka ran away from the white room to the elite school that is God officethe biota went to the Jarwo drum campus Without his father's knowledge, that's your reason escape from the white room Of course to see the world outside the white room In fact, Kiyotaka is always isolated in an all-white room, right?

So he's really curious and wants to learn about the world outside Yota's white room The garden goes to my school, Doigos, it's not without reason, right?  got into this elite school because To take advantage of the rules of the Hai di school

This school has rules that explain that students are prohibited from contacting outsiders, yes and also
On the contrary, it's like a boarding school, yes, in a closed dormitory environment That's so outsiders can't contact insiders or students who are

It's in a school Call it and this elite school was founded by the government as a party  the school will protect its students Whatever happens look with that number tips It can avoid his father, if that's what his father wants take it out any time Okay come back

again about the white room according to the termini away box, it is very efficient for  develop the abilities and talents of a human being according to Yotaka di metro metro also can't all be taught there and that's the kids in Metu's face doesn't know anything about the outside world and is always isolated

in an all white room the power that could make that person hit mentally, just imagine, you don't know when it's night and evening and it's always there the all-white room is the mentality of credenza and the children the one in the whitening is around Ana. Elementary school age appropriate for elementary school children to fall has been told

answer questions in high school class, yes, we will get to know more The mentality of the children who participated in this wardrobe experiment became unstable, people those who take part in the mini writer's experiment can be known mentally and lose

true self and lose his emotions like kiyotaka always His expression is flat, his emotions have disappeared because of the writer's attempt Mini but if you can survive the white room, that person is guaranteed to be free

become strong and genius like yotaka in the white room those children are taught about knowledge of skills and martial arts, actually each generation yes the curriculum is different Yes as far as is known until now That white room already has 19 streams, Ayanokouji itself is located at

the fourth generation in every year it will definitely be a certain generation recently once a year this fourth generation can be said the hardest generation huh and the cruelest kurikulumnya of all generations who there are and who can only survive and escape with perfect results only

only kiyotaka in the fourth generation, all of them get a gural chin. Yes already know the mentality of everyone, the speed of the curriculum given by the white room except for kiyotaka who can still survive alone after seeing his comrades who were in the fourth generation in the fall all the yotaka who

surviving alone is starting to think that all humans are just tools Human tools exist to be used and utilized, that's the origin of the mind Kiyotaka who considers humans to be tools that are rotten is the first child to be successfully passed all the tests with perfect results conducted by

the white room and the print is dubbed as the masterpiece of whitening after that. Yes When will we be used as a benchmark for other children who take part in the experiment from next stage battery improvement of effective learning curriculum to bring out the talents and potential of children after producing children

like Toyota's next production, Drum is to make a child who is that genius is equivalent to the kiyotaka of children from different generations in whitening can't see each other, even though they're in
The facilities are the same, yes, but each generation has a separate room, right?
even though the generation after the living brain has never seen our own face but all the children in B collapse every generation it must know by kiyotaka no one doesn't know for sure knows the name of the geot akaya seat verse all children of any generation know about the greatness of Joe Date
which has been called the masterpiece of the white room Geo was not only made

as an extra that later generations had to surpass to Motivate other children to be able to catch up with their achievements by biota Hi tada generations before or after who can match the greatness of the brain there is any Rizky Now after generations the fourth generation is noc, the fifth generation and the sixth generation are pretty good

a lot and he is quite a few children who can survive, the fifth generation is adrift one year from geot what after hearing the story from the coach from badroom about kiyotaka so extraordinary that it is considered a masterpiece, there are two thoughts that different in children, namely the worship of the president hating koci yes in this world

even though any sportfix, there will still be those who hate it, it's the same as this yotaka is old and the kid who respects kiyotaka for being awesome genius and also there is something Irish still hates to the point of rejecting existence geotagging itself Joe but it was made for comparison in

every generation, the trainer from whitening always tells the story  the children of the next generation yes no kwetiau is the masterpiece of the white room and because it's perfect in many ways after being compared, it's there a child who is inferior and ends up just admiring Taka's green and there

also a child who hates and envy so rejects the existence of kiyotaka thinks if the story is 7 yards from the white room, then yes, then in this fifth generation there are two children who were sent to my school my doiku to issue kiyotaka from school, namely Jawai if and Yagami Takuya from the white room generation
the five possible answer names this game is the best kid in the generation Fifth, yes, that's why they were entrusted to intervene against Kyoto, sense and the boy admires kiyotaka after the magazine confirms it's true with eyes his head about how amazing giota This Amazon is yearly admired

Giota is rich while Yagami after finding out that Kiyotaka is there really is, bro, at least you want to duel with kiyotaka and he beats to prove who is the strongest among them we only want
self-refuting about kiyotaka being considered a masterpiece of white

Yagami's room also refuses, Gemini to Seles, and the funds are always being compared, Tamaki's brain
Adiwa drums with the coach, yes, this game wants to prove that it is pitted more perfect than otaka Now to realize professor ayanokoji's ambition those who want to make a genius made by him need kiyotaka to perfecting the new curriculum for the next generation yes and for Dari

Where did the children who take part in this experiment come from, I don't have any information about what? children who are used as nasbars are looking for a minute writer from the Orphanage or 
the children were abandoned and picked up from the white room Now that's a question 
My biggest problem is because it seems like the novel has not been explained about

as long as the children are being experimented with by the watermen, or have I tried too much 
Comment below, all I know is wedrum Syam azzahwa giving the money in the background 
behind this afternoon Mas Jawa is a test tube baby who joined the project 
from the white room Are all the children from Wedom IVF?

try Comment below what you think about the background of the children whomake an experiment on watermelon, including this game Mia's siyaga  Nothing has been told yet about your own brain technology, the background is already it's clear how come he's the son of the founder of what rom, his son The afternoon professor is cozy, he's also interesting, isn't it?

This white room from the classroom of the elite is in the relief. Actually there is one The white room is in relief but the concept is different from the white room in the classroom Wrapping the concept of the white rom in real life is really boring to torture and give fear to someone by attacking

mentally Yes, it's a white room, he's willing to go through a different way with the white room in 
classroom catfish in Nia and that's all for the discussion this time if you guys  I have a suggestion for another discussion. Maybe you can comment below and correct it Also if something is wrong, yes and thank you very much for those who have read it