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Boruto Episode Of Kurama's Death That Went Viral - Episode 218 images until of Manga boruto this episode will be aired on October 3, 2002 and will be exactly the same as in manga boruto chapter 54 this episode will take a part of the original story from episode 217 to episodes will begin by watching the contents Kian start to disappear from kawaki body says wait what happens karma

Boruto Episode Of Kurama's Death That Went Viral

Why the karma kawaki said Can you tell us How much longer can you hold on to your life how many seconds Mr. otsutsuki Isshiki shouts you what have you done is iki falls to the ground and says this Ane what happened I'm sure of it then Appears again from the top of the cliff Kage Bunshin no Jutsu Naruto said it looks like you said something that doesn't matter you will die stupid being defeated by a vessel

so whatever it is, this is the reality asshole said fill it with a whole body that has started to become fragile kawaki even from the top minutes to pieces that's one you bastard said kawaki If yesterday Kawaki Naruto who was lying limply you surprised me Kage Bunshin no Jutsu kawaki said I still training to be able to load 1 ton I'm happy to be able to succeed always come over and say are you okay Naruto Sasuke Naruto Sasuke says stop the me you showed me looks kawaki and Naruto just stays silent

and his words abnormal energy management Are you not using that power you know or deliberately hiding the truth Come on brother then suddenly stabbed the Rinnegan in the eye Sasuke with all what happened will scream in confusion in pain and he said no I thought really- right about content but good now you guys are the only nuisance left taking care of Iki it's been a while

watching the fight after he possessed boruto when you were pulled by Iggy dimension and he was good to attack Naruto and Sasuke's kawaki eyes fixed on the blood flowing from Sasuke's eyes which Sasuke's Rinnegan was confirmed to be shattered I've been sitting in your space and time you guys can't escape momoshiki he has taken full charge of boruto Naruto very annoyed again this is the second time I appear if being free Sasuke notices boruto's wrist he

he said in his heart that the photo wrist that was destroyed in all of this based on his other movements too this must be his special healing ability suddenly remembered what he said earlier even though it's not brother who wants to remove this mark the cursed mark is disturbing this so help me reply Let's destroy it and all go back to kawaki who was worried about Boto he said no no no no

playful you are also free kawaki soul fill it up where is your smile that says I know you are there Don't let him then say again to kawaki yes I guess in case of temporary freedom send you don't interfere looks very angry Relax no one I can say it's silent, Kawaki said and immediately attacked with his modified hand, managed to dodge and attack back with Kawaki, but Kawaki easily painted it with his modified hand. with the backstroke kawaki kawaki was screaming in pain kawaki's back was good as I expected it seems the extraction has progressed far enough this should work hahaha you said Ki while enduring the sudden pain like a bullet and kicked the ball really well you're fine kawaki Yes, thank you, Kawaki, and we will continue this on the sidelines to be continued...