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Anime Slime History Guy Crimson Red Primordial Demon Is Really Interesting -  anime slime history guy crimson red primordial demon is really interesting, Anime lovers Welcome back to my blog the news this time we are sharing about anime slime I took it from the end of the light novel volume 16 which is about the story of the formation of the Crimson Guy character or you can say this is a historical guy from far in the past when Veldan Nava Apa created the Rapim Race from the element of light.

Apparently it also creates the opposite, this demon race lives in the underworld or hell. There is one demon plate whose power is so absurd. The red primordial demon is arguably the strongest among the 7 other primordia created by Veldan Nava. Once upon a time, the green and blue primordials tried to challenge his power

Anime Slime History Guy Crimson Red Primordial Demon Is Really Interesting

But as a result they were both easily defeated and now instead choose to serve the primordial red demon but every individual who almost shakes his power supremacy is the black demon h Continues to compete for the throne Who is the strongest in the end the red one who comes out victorious

but even though the black one lost, he continued to challenge the red one without stopping and this irritated the red guy because he wanted to be killed no matter how many times a primordial person would always rise again but even though he had immortality like that, it was rare for a demon to die repeatedly because of death It is very painful

this one demon but I don't know what happened one day the red primordial was summoned to the cardinal world leaving the world that there was a kingdom that did the Ritual of summoning the devil there ordered by the summoner to destroy the enemy Kingdom

and Red also fulfills that request, a war that has lasted hundreds of years can be ended by Red in a matter of minutes he slaughters everyone from the enemy kingdom using blazing of dead mass destruction magic. The king of the kingdom who called Red was very happy

But the unexpected thing happened that the souls of the people who were slaughtered just now caused Siimerah to evolve into a true Demon Lord, realizing that his strength was increasing because he took a lot of souls, a question arose in his mind. What if I get more souls?

At that moment, red immediately scorched the kingdom that had summoned him that day, two kingdoms were massacred by one demon at once. There would be a sound everywhere in his teeth. So when he heard the screams, the red man named himself Guy Crimson, which was inspired by the moans of the people who came from him. he was slaughtered at that time

only his two subordinates, primordial green and blue, were given names to them, green primordial with the name mizari primordial blue with the name reine Okay, living in the world of cardinals with his absurd powers, the world seemed to be under his control until one day Guy finally met the Dragon Star

So you are God of this world Alright Show your strength if you really are God guy challenges nava with a smile he is very sure and nothing is in front of him but when the fight starts what happens on the contrary doesn't take long for men and what overthrows Sang The King of Darkness over there, the guy was lying helplessly, his previous self-confidence collapsed instantly, he was hit mentally

Killing me is really fun so I have no regrets I'm a bit satisfied with the guy's words but this is the first time there is an individual who can fight demon boy I like you a little here, tell a little story and what explains the world he manages one day it will be destroyed somehow I know when but it's bound to happen. Guy also asks why God should be able to prevent that destruction. Well, that's a little story about the devil, guys, friends, look forward to our next discussion.