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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223 Anticipate spoiler If Draken dies this will happen to Takemichi d - Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223 Anticipate spoiler: If Draken dies, this will happen to Takemichi d, the last story of the Tokyo Reveners manga gave a tragic surprise to fans, especially in chapter 223. At the end of chapter 223 of the Tokyo Reveners manga, he was showing a tragic situation, because One of the fan favorites, Draken, is in critical condition. Draken was shot three times in the body, causing him to lose consciousness in Tokyo Revengers manga chapter 223.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223 Anticipate spoiler  If Draken dies  this will happen to Takemichi d

The bullet wound came from the attack by the Rokuhara Tande's followers when they intended to target Takemichi. However, Seshui Inui provided the information to Draken who was still in the workshop. Immediately after the second shot taken at Takemichi, Draken came to the rescue, but Draken's life was lost. will be the victim.

In chapter 222, Senju asks for help to save Draken while waiting for an ambulance to get medical help. Draken, who was in a life-or-death situation, left a message for Takemichi to take care of Mickey.If Draken can't be helped, what will happen to Takemichi and the former members and executives of Toman? How will Mickey react?

It can be said that the current state of Draken is shocking news. Reason being, Draken is one of the strong and fan favorite characters. Draken became someone Takemichi saved when he was stabbed by Touman vs Moebius.

In fact, Takemichi could not have foreseen Draken's current situation, which was very different when he first saved Draken. Bon Draken told Takemichi that this was his return to Takemichi because Takemichi had saved him.

Fans hope that if the full name is Ryujugi Ken, he can survive and help Takemichi save Mikey. In the next chapter, predictions say that if Draken dies, Mickey will appear and try to kill Takemichi.

The reason was corrected because Mickey had been protecting his friends for two years, but Takemichi destroyed him because he went back to the past. While in the future, all former Toman members, including Draken, will live happily ever after except for Mickey. This made Takemichi determined to go back to the past to save it.

Then the battle will take place between the three most powerful gangs in the next chapter, Brahman Rakuhara Tandi will fight first. Kantou will attack Mani depending on Mikey's decision, which will appear in the next story development.

Rokuhara leader Tandai Terano South will introduce a "person" who will play an important role in the gang he leads. It is possible that "someone" planned to kill Takemichi. If true, this will be the main enemy in the last arc of the Tokyo Revengers manga. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223 will be released on September 22, 2021. Predict the state of Draken in the next chapter.

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