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Terms in the Anime World to Know Waifu, Husbu, Babu, Wangy Wangy, Sugoi, Baka, to Senpai

Learn the terms of the anime world you need to know to understand the current story, from waifu, husbu, babu, wangy wangy, sugoi, baka and senpai. Various terms appear and are often spoken by actors in the animation world. These different terms sometimes appear in a conversation between characters or terms used to refer to something.

Terms in the Anime World to Know  Waifu, Husbu, Babu, Wangy Wangy, Sugoi, Baka, to Senpai

As a fan of anime, of course, it is imperative that you know the terms in the world of Japanese animation. Because this can bring many advantages to those who know it. Certainly, some terms in the anime world or Japan animation are heard very frequently upon viewing and when appearing afterwards. The different terms that appear are Waifu, Husbu, Babu, Wangy Wangy, Sugoi, Baka, and Senpai.

Despite hearing it often, hardly anyone knows the meaning of the terms in the cartoon. In fact, knowing the meaning behind it helps you understand the story better. So, here you will be able to know the meaning or meaning of different terms in Japanese anime or anime through this article.

Here is a list of terms and their meanings or meanings that often appear in animation:


Meanwhile, the term Senpai is a nickname for someone who considers himself older or older. This invitation is used as a tribute to that person.These words or terms can also be used in everyday life. Of course for anime fans who know the meaning of the word.


Almost like Waifu, the term Husbu also comes from English, the word for husband meaning husband. But in the anime world, this word is used to refer to a male character or character that the fan loves.


The word inoi is usually put together with Waifu, and the meaning of the word Babu itself is the same as in the Indonesian language, that is, as a servant. This word is generally used for irony.


The word Waifu is often spoken in many cartoons, and this word itself comes from the English language. And the word that is used as the basis is the word wife or wife. However, in the Waifu anime it is used to refer to female characters.

Wangy Wangy

Meanwhile, the word Wangy Wangy also appears quite often in the world of animation. It is used to denote the scent of perfume that appears in the imagination. So, Wangy Wangy itself means a strong smell.


Sugoi is often used to express interest in or admiration for the world of animation. Sugoi itself has the meaning of wonderful or amazing words.


The word Baka is used in the anime world to show the bad qualities of a character. Usually this word is meant to say that the character is stupid or a pronoun with the same meaning.

So you can learn about friendship between other anime fans, but you still have to pay attention to the place and time when pronouncing different terms. These are the various terms for the world of animation that you must know as a fan of Japanese animation.