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Spoiler Anime Boruto Episode 217, 218, 219, 220 Death of Kurama and Isshiki, Baryon Mode New Arc Begins - The release of Boruto Episode 216 has sparked quite a bit of interest by finally revealing what Naruto's Baryon Mode will look like. That's why fans are now waiting for what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation anime.

TV Tokyo, as the official television station that broadcasts the Boruto anime, has released spoilers for episodes 217, 218, 219 and 220 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation anime. The spoilers were released in the form of the Boruto anime summary. The date is throughout September through early October.

Spoiler Anime Boruto Episode 217, 218, 219, 220 Death of Kurama and Isshiki, Baryon Mode New Arc Begins

The epic battle between Isshiki Otsutsuki, who will face Baryon, the Seventh Hokage mode, Naruto Uzumaki, and Momoshiki's resurrection in Boruto, will be adapted by all parts of the studio without stopping. Boruto episodes 217-219 have been confirmed to adapt the manga storyline for the full Isshiki Otsutsuki arc starting with chapters 48-55. As for Episode 220, it will be the beginning of a new arc.

Here are spoiler details, synopsis, broadcast schedules, and links to watch episodes 217-220 of the Boruto anime stream, as quoted on the official TV Tokyo page.

1. Boruto Episode 217: "The Decision" (Chapter 52-53), released September 26, 2021

Naruto and Sasuke fought fiercely to no avail, as Ishiki cornered them.To break the deadlock in his situation, Boruto attempted to compromise his determination and willingness to die. But in the end, this tactic also failed. He believed that they had no other way to defeat Isshiki.

But at that moment, Naruto released an unusual and intense chakra as he stood up. This is the final trump card,” Kurama said. In exchange for their lives, Naruto will gain tremendous power. Naruto begins his counterattack against Ishiki. Bypassing Ishiki completely, he was able to dramatically reverse his circumstances, but then disaster struck after Ishiki unexpectedly swept away Kawaki. Dramatic and tense events will occur.

2. Boruto Episode 218: "Partner" (Chapter 54-55), released October 3, 2021

Naruto and his team are exhausted after successfully defeating Ishiki. But suddenly in front of his eyes, Boruto attacked Sasuke. Momoshiki had hijacked Boruto's consciousness and was now standing before them as enemies. Kawaki frantically shouted at Boruto to regain consciousness, but Kawaki's voice did not stop. After that, Sasuke tells Kawaki about Boruto's way to regain consciousness.

Kawaki devises a strategy to unleash the ninjutsu he's learned to save Boruto.Meanwhile, Naruto looked at Kawaki and the others fighting. In their hazy consciousness, Naruto and Kurama were quietly talking and recalling their past together.

3. Boruto Episode 219: "Return" (Chapter 55), released October 10, 2021

However, if you look at the title, Boruto episode 219 this time will take all the stories in chapter 55 where Kurama finally says goodbye to Naruto.Then we will see Ishsiki who meets Code in his astral form and inherits his determination to become an Otsutsuki god. It will then end with Naruto, Kawaki, Boruto, and Sasuke, who return to Konoha with congratulations. This episode also marks the end of the Kawaki arc: Isshiki Otsutsuki.

4. Boruto Episode 220: "The Time Left", released October 17, 2021

As before, the summary of Episode 220 of Boruto is not available.But this is most likely the beginning of the beginning of the new canon arc to give a break between the anime and manga stories. Of course, the story will center after the great battle of Naruto and the death of Kurama.

There will probably be several filler episodes before chapter 56 is finally adapted with Aida appearing. This is the content of the latest Boruto anime spoilers from episodes 217 to 220 complete with broadcast schedule. Boruto anime in Indonesian can be watched for free and legally through the IQIYI platform every year. Sunday at 4.30 pm West Indonesia Time. More spoilers will be updated as soon as a verifiable source becomes available

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