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Sinopsis That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 1 - hello friends all over the world this time will provide a synopsis of the first episode of slime, of course, for those of you who have never watched this anime, they are looking for anime whether this anime title is that time i got reincarnated as slime, Yup story This starts from the world of humans who are reincarnated to a world where monsters and humans live together and even have powers.

Sinopsis That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 1

This story is of course not interesting at the beginning but if friends follow this anime it turns out to be very good. starting from a man named Mikari Saturo who was on his way he met his friend Tamura who was with his girlfriend.

Then they together wanted to find a restaurant to eat, from a distance it turned out that a criminal was running towards Tamura with a knife.

so at that moment Mikari Saturo swiftly protected friends and friends' girlfriends, here Mikari was stabbed by a knife by a criminal, the criminal ran away then Mikari bled and he died and he had a wish that if he was reborn he wanted to be an aggressive person.

When Mikari opens her eyes, it turns out that she has reincarnated into a slime and in a world she doesn't know at all, she realizes that she is only a slime even though she hopes that if she is born again she wants to have a muscular and muscular body.

when he eats anything strange sounds appear suddenly he is called a great ascetic, a creature who talks to him like his personal assistant who can analyze anything, he eats all the plants he eats and then saves it to be transformed into a new skill or power.

The ability that this slime has is the pedator skill, it's funny, slime friends can become predators from here, of course you will start to like this anime.

This slime by eating anything will create a new skill that is very powerful, finally this slime eats everything from plants to rocks that are very powerful.

While eating, he fell into the water and met Veldora, who had been sealed for 300 years, very sad, of course, for someone who was sealed and lonely, then someone came after so many years of course you would also be very happy, right?

then veldora told the slime that he would teach a science that is so that the slime can see magic with his eyes on the condition that he must become veldora's friend and in the end the slime agreed as long as he wanted to accompany him to talk to veldora in unlimited prison

Veldora said he was imprisoned indefinitely and the time he had maybe only a hundred years left he also wished he could explain a little about the world he is in, According to Veldora that before him there was already someone who was reincarnated but became a human and against the wishes of someone it died, maybe only saturo was reincarnated into a slime and in the end they became friends and this story continues, look forward to the continuation only at

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