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Sinopsis Slime (Rimuru) Episode 48 Viu - friends, the slime film story is really fun to follow. This anime story really makes the audience always want to see the sequel to this film where in this episode rimuru fights with slime with the power of clayman who just woke up, so rimuru asks him not to being disturbed in the fight, then he also creates a barrier around the fight

Sinopsis Slime (Rimuru) Episode 48 Viu

The demon king guy smiled when he saw rimuru use his blocking moves to create barriers around them in the hearts of guys this rimuru is very interesting in an instant he can imitate the power of guyssang race demon darkness.

Clayman also prepares to attack Rimuru with his new power. Unfortunately, Clayman is unable to measure his opponent's strength, it turns out that Rimuru himself has a power level that is very different from himself, so that even in an instant, Rimuru can defeat Clayman by eating all the moves Clayman releases and Rimuru hits Clayman with High speed and no resistance Clayman has been defeated.

Rimuru's friends and all the demon lords were amazed, after rimuru defeated clayman then rimuru ate clayman to wipe out the clayman with a very long death until he was erased from the world.

After rimuru's victory the demon lords started to talk about wallpurgis again while in the middle of the conversation the king ilis hana and the demon lord carion interrupted the conversation that they wanted to be servants of the demon lord milim hana's reason was that he as the demon lord had the weakest strength among the other demon lords with the king close milim devil he will feel protected

Then the reason for the demon king carion was that he had been utterly defeated by the demon lord milim and his country had been destroyed by milim because of that he surrendered himself to milim.

then after that the demon king guy talked about something that because the demon lord clayman had been defeated by rimuru and the demon lord hana and carion resigned from the demon lord... then the guy ordered rimuru to create or give new names for the demon lords who only had 8 people left

At first rimuru refused then the demon king guy with a little movement then the table split and forced a little .. hehehe finally rimuru understood

rimuru thought instead of dealing with guy now of course he would be at a loss if he made a confrontation with the other demon lords he finally agreed to think about the demon lord name.

he sighed and then he looked at the sky and the stars then he was inspired by the eight stars in the sky where he finally found the right name to be called the new demon king, namely the eight star demon kings OKTAGRAM

and rimuru also proposed the name to other demon lords and they didn't refuse to and they all agreed with rimuru's proposal with the name demon king octagram totaling eight people

and the story ends here, therefore for those of you who want to watch the excitement, you can watch it on viu for free, friends and no need to pay, look forward to our next synopsis, rimuru lovers.

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