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Diablo And Rimuru's Underling Primodial Make Guy Crimson Demon Lord Panic -  hello friends, this time we will talk about the arrival of the crimsound guy but at
The discussion this time also touched on the discussion about Diablo's confessionBefore becoming rimuru's subordinate So actually I want to discuss one explanation

Diablo And Rimuru's Underling Primodial Make Guy Crimson Demon Lord Panic

As usual, let me focus. But when I try to cut it, the fun feeling disappears
so I put it together again Oh yes before we continue for friends
all who have just joined or are new to this blog can help by sharing so that there is more information
in the future and getting better and better and I say thank you
many for those of you who have come to the blog

hopefully the sustenance will always be launched. It doesn't take long, we will go straight
let's just gas, the discussion begins, the story begins after the fight against
chronoa dimoro Leon and ruminas are having a meeting but during the meeting
In progress it turns out that there is a guest who came it was Demon Lord Guy when

Even then Rafael reported that there was no hostile intent from Grimmson at that time
Then Reamur got up from his seat but just before Reamurgot up Diablo who was standing behind rimuru walked towards the door

with a displeased expression the teeth greeted entering the room but
after greeting from the teeth, let's immediately close the door with enthusiasm Hal
it made everyone there very shocked then rimuru said

oi oi it didn't need Diablo then Diablo opened the door and at that time
Gigi looked very annoyed at that time she hadn't told Gigi that Gigi
has interfered with an important finding Even though he hasn't already

said to wait until Diablo decides when he can come see
the familiarity of them rimuru can only think maybe they already have each other
I know it's not only rimuru who thinks like that even ruminas and

Leon also couldn't believe what happened they even thought Was he really a black primordial
How did that cruel character come to serve rimuru back then Reamur was still confused about What is primordial

but just then there was a bigger commotion behind him many of rimuru's subordinates came because they sensed Aurawho came from the demo Lodge came benimaru followed by suwe and after that Carera who appeared and then Ultima even lit up Carera for feeling that Ultima came first after that little argument

At this point Leon also spoke first about Why yellow primordial can be here. Reamur Bun doesn't understand what Leon means. Ruminas also asked How can there be primodials Purple Has he been brainwashed rimuru is still so confused What is primodials yellow and primordial Purple and what do they really want to talk about

then rimuru said Are you guys talking about Carera and East Ultima explained that both of them are being hunted by Diablo but at first Reamur really didn't think they would be better than he predicted between explanations Rimutru  who had not finished then they cut off the conversation and

they were surprised that purple primordial and yellow primordial lady in the name and asked open rimuru who gave them a name when they were
even been confused with black primordial but rimuru turns out
have other primodial subordinates Leonardo minus standing and screaming

because they were very surprised Fany wasn't Fany wasn't vanilla when they didn't feel at home
both of them turned towards rimuru then di also said the reason he came
also came here to find out what rimuru was actually doing back then
rimuru doesn't know how he should answer but luckily there is a sunnah that

brought food and black tea so rimuru had a chance to
thinking about what everyone was talking about he realized that the word
the key is primordial then Rafael mountain the answer is wrong

enough of the yardstick used to define the Demon race then rimuru also remembers another designation of primodial i.e. Origin Demon then rimuru asked Diablo about whether Diablo was an Origin Demon actually at that time he didn't feel

lazy to admit it but Diablo also admitted that he was indeed a one of the Seven systems of The Demon Race that was born in this world even rimuru was surprised the demon he summoned when rimuru was just now

evolving into a demo Lord turned out to be a very powerful character 
Rimuru had always thought that Diablo was a strong figure but
he didn't know that Diablo's figure could even be on par with the existence in

crimsound saw that ruminas Dan Leon said Did rimuru really don't know Hi they started to think rimuru was too careless then rimuru just thought

don't blame rimuru even at that summoning rimuru just called him casually and suddenly Diablo himself who appeared on rimuru's summons even thought Diablo shouldn't be a big role then even Rafael can't

berkor nothing then Rimuru remembers about the words of El Messiah who is the Emperor of the sky
Sarion he also once said something about primordial turns out to be because he also knows his true identity Diablo that he looked so wary of putting aside rimuru Diablo started telling the story where

rimuru met shizu there seems to be some kind of connection between Diablo and zizou
Hi and he hasn't even happened to go to that place when he finds out shizu is about to die it turns out that Diablo has been there pay attention to rimuru Oh yeah Diablo also said annoyed that the devil made

low rankers belonging to Diablo's lineage were summoned first to in front of rimuru By the way, the Bereta is meant to be uploaded. The plan want to enter the call, but because the conditions are not met, he doesn't was able to enter the rimuru call then Diablo was still waiting

until at last he answered the call from his master i.e. rimuru while talking about that story he is Bro
showing a very happy smile even Reamur at that time knew one thing he had never heard before
and finally rimuru found out that Diablo was very jealous of Bereta and wanted to get rid of him

but because Bereta's body was made by rimuru so Diablo didn't dare to hurt him This is
due to Diablo's extremely high loyalty to rimuru despite his nature very strange but indeed Diablo's presence is impressive

long story short rimuru spoke it was time for them to continue the meeting and Gigi agreed and said
Wasn't Dino here too and asked Dino to come here too
Diablo finally stopped speaking the dialogue facial expression like saying

there will be more people to come but everyone is pretending didn't hear about it until Dino and ramiris came and the meeting would be will reopen soon. So that's it for this discussion and for

We will discuss the topic of their meeting discussion on the next opportunity Thank you for friends who have watch and if possible can you help share and wait for the next update and see you

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