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5 Anime with Interesting and Stunning Unusual Visuals - 5 Anime with Interesting and Stunning Unusual Visuals An important element that makes the anime so loved by many people, not only in the land of Sakura, but all over the world, is its beautiful eye-catching animations.

5 Anime with Interesting and Stunning Unusual Visuals

Speaking of cartoons, there are many elements that often appear in all cartoon images, such as gorgeous big eyes, colorful hair, or a cozy background. Still, of course, there are some cartoonists who want to break this similarity and try to present unique and unusual images, but they still spoil the view. Here are five animations with unusual animations that are impressive and of course also impressive. anything, huh? Watch this!

Ping Pong Animation

Director Masaaki Yuasa has a very good job and there are probably many who would agree that his most underrated work is ping pong. Although the story is not much different from the typical sports anime, the story along with age adds flavor to the movie which makes it more interesting.

Of course, the most interesting thing about this anime is the visual animation which is very aesthetic. There aren't as many gifs as Ping Pong, which makes it so original and impressive.

The story of Princess Kaguya

Tale of Princess Kaguya is the latest film by Studio Ghibli founder Isao Takahata. This movie is unique because every frame is handcrafted and painted in watercolor. It's no surprise that this anime has been praised for its smooth and eye-catching visual quality.

The same anime tells of a husband and wife adopting a child that the husband found by chance in a bamboo. This boy was called Kaguya and over time, this boy grew into a very beautiful girl. Many men fell in love with her. However, Kaguya begins to realize that her true identity is different from that of ordinary humans.

Mob Psycho 100

Although the story is still very general like most shounen anime, where a boy with superpowers has to fight against a very evil character. Mob Psycho 100 contains many unforgettable characters, unique and unusual animations.

The visuals in this anime are really commendable, especially in the fight scenes. In these scenes, the scenes are described in a very interesting way as if the acting style has changed in an instant and time passes irregularly.

It is very exciting to see this anime by Studio Bone whose visuals also resemble an illustration in a comic presented in the form of an animation.

 Galaxy mat

Tatami Galaxy tells the story of a college student who is stuck in a time loop that makes him go through the same day over and over again. Repeat the same day as you understand more about yourself, whether it is through club activities, love or friendship.

The interesting thing about this anime is that its visuals are not much different from most of the anime. As for the design, it is very simple. However, the choice of bold and eye-catching colors makes the images in this anime easily different. While the animation generally creates very beautiful and realistic landscape wallpapers, Tatami Galaxy boldly presents a very contrasting and interesting visual experience.


Studio Shaft is known for an anime that has a surreal feel to its visuals. One animation, titled Bakemonogatari, is widely known for its beauty. The combination of colors and techniques for a unique frame display. Although the pictures are very beautiful and interesting, due to the unusual display technology, there is a terrible and slightly attractive impression.

Bakemonogatari himself talks about Koyomi Araragi, a high school student who is also a half-human vampire. One day, he rescues a girl who has fallen from a height, Senjogahara Hitagi and after that incident he begins to realize that people around them are going through different supernatural phenomena. Therefore, Araragi with the help of Senjougahara tried to help them.

These are five anime with unusual, unique and interesting visuals. Do you like animation in a visual style like above?